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Fullstack Integration Developer

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From the beginning of this year, Enfo started to execute on our already sharpened strategy.  We increased our cloud operations, strengthened our focus on information management and continued to build on our track record of not only building, but also running solutions in the long term. Or goal is to be the go-to partner for data driven business transformation and that won’t happen without having the sharpest integration team in the business.

Enfo integration loves structure, structure as well as law and order. During almost 20 years, we have helped our customers to get right information, to the right place, at the right time and to the right cost.

The knowledge and best practice we have gathered and refined is stored in our knowledge base called Baseline. By structuring the knowledge and constantly refining it we are able to give our employees a toolbox to ensure a quick-start to become the competent integration specialist we at Enfo Integration are.

Could this be your next career move? 

As an Integration Developer you will have the opportunity to work as a Full-stack developer to help our customers with their integration challenges from requirement to production and operations. With your knowledge combined with Enfos shared knowledge you will quickly be their integration expertise. We have chosen to work closely as partners with the leading software and solution providers in the area thus you will not only get support from your fellow Enfonians but also from the brains at our technology partners. With our wide palette of technologies, it will enable you to broaden your knowledge and work and build competence within any of our technologies. At Enfo Integration we work with our customers modern API-Led development as well as ensuring that their legacy is well taken care of. We are as fluent in on-premise solutions as well as with hybrid and cloud.

You will join a talented team where you will take part of strategic decisions about designing, building, deploying and maintaining solutions. You will gain exposure to a wide range of our software modules and the technologies backing these solutions. This role requires good interpersonal and communication skills, as you’ll regularly interact with our customers.  

 How does success look like in this role? 

We are driven by efficiency and delivering results at Enfo. The same goes for this role. 

During the first 3 months: 

  • You have learned to know your team members, and they know how you can help them to succeed 
  • You have started to develop great, trusting partnerships with key people at our major clients and they see how you and your team can help them to deliver their goals 
  • You are perhaps preparing one of your certifications 
  • Your are perhaps developing some functionalities in our customer services or offerings

By the first quarter of 2020: 

  • You will do a lot of integration work!  
  • You are a part of a team that shares experiences and knowledge and expects the same from you 
  • You work in close collaboration with our customers to create the most value possible for their business  
  • You are up and running with delivering robust integration solutions in the projects you are involved in  

What are the benefits of this role for me? 

At Enfo you will experience an open environment with teams of driven and knowing experts. We offer you challenges, personal development and great opportunities to grow within the company. We believe that sharing is caring and value an environment, which is diverse and inclusive, where you will have a great work-life balance and enjoy the work you do.  

Enfo Integration have 20 years of experience within System Integration, is the integration leader in the Nordics and we truly believe that “It’s all about integration” 

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Dorotea Gawek


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