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Enfo experts build thought leadership

We at Enfo are driven by sharing our expertise and working toward a more intelligent world, with technology empowering people, businesses, and societies.

Meet some of our experts and read their stories, where they share their knowledge within fields such as transformation, data, cloud and cross-platform.

Minna Nousiainen, Enfo


Minna Nousiainen

Minna Nousiainen has 20 years of history at Enfo, working in different roles and business units. All this time she has had a strong interest and focus on the service end-user. She wants IT to serve its users, not the other way around.

Martin Rydman, Enfo


Martin Rydman

Throughout his 20-year career at Enfo, Martin Rydman has been involved in a number of various projects and worked with, among other things, pre-sales and management team issues, but above all with integration.

Jani Rusanen, Enfo


Jani Rusanen

Jani Rusanen is the Vice President of Enfo’s Solutions Architecture team, with a long history in Enfo’s service delivery business. He loves problem solving and enjoys creating value for Enfo’s customers with public cloud solutions. 

Anna Bergendal, Enfo


Anna Bergendal

Anna Bergendal has been at Enfo for seven years and has worked in various roles within the expertise field of analytics. She has always been interested in the border between business and technology. Anna is also mentor for women who want to enter the IT industry.



Mika Naatula

Mika Naatula is a software professional with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, and the CTO of Enfo’s information management business. He believes that we should treat data as a valuable strategic asset.

Andreas Stenlund, Enfo


Andreas Stenlund

As CTO and tech lead within the integration unit at Enfo, a lot of Andreas Stenlund’s time is spent looking ahead, developing client offerings and creating effective coordination to make sure the organization leverages synergies for both deliverables and Enfo’s customers.