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Enfo customer satisfaction reaches a top level – 98% of our customers recommend us

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Enfo customer satisfaction


Twice a year, Enfo implements a customer experience survey. The latest survey was made during November and December 2020 and 163 of Enfo’s customers from Finland and Sweden took part in it.

98% of the respondents are willing to recommend Enfo. The results have improved since the previous survey that took place in spring. Back then, the figure was 93%. 

“This result makes us very happy,” says Sanna Mari Alppivuori, SVP Sales Finland. “I want to thank my colleagues for this – at Enfo, we have highly-skilled professionals and that also shows as high customer satisfaction.”

The customer experience surveys are carried out regularly, as Enfo wants to ensure customer satisfaction both related to the services provided, as well as to Enfo’s experts. In addition, the development of the results over time is being monitored. “We want to map our customers’ needs and find out how we can develop. Continuous development is one of our values,” continues Robert Grafford, SVP Sales Sweden.

Enfo differentiates with expertise

In addition to the willingness to recommend Enfo, the survey respondents were asked whether it is nice to work with Enfonians. The result was 4.6 on a scale of 1-5. The respondents also feel that Enfonians deliver what has been promised – the average for this question was 4.4. 

When the respondents were asked how satisfied they are with Enfo as a partner overall, the average of the responses was 4.3. “Also this result has improved since spring, even though the figure was high already then. It was visible among the answers that the amount of fours and fives have increased remarkably during the past six months,” Alppivuori states. 

In particular, the customers consider expertise as Enfo’s strength. In addition, fluent cooperation, flexibility, and trustworthiness were mentioned, among others. 

“According to the responses, our customers also feel that we know their company and their procedures. This is important when we consider the services that we provide at Enfo, as well as when developing those together with our customers,” Grafford says. 

“We are grateful for the trust that our customers have once again shown for us. Even though we consider these results as remarkably good, we will keep continuing to develop to meet our customers’ expectations even better,” Grafford and Alppivuori conclude.