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Enfo develops its cloud care capability for SAP

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Enfo and its partly-owned subsidiary Zuite Business Consulting are aligning their offerings around SAP on cloud. Enfo is also investigating the possibility together with Zuite’s owners to deepen the cooperation further to be even better equipped to support customers in managing, refining, analyzing and using data to their business advantage.

“The cloud movement is massive: we see that five years ahead three to four out of five business-critical applications will be in the cloud and the rest in data centers, the ratio being reverse today. What is more: the heart of data – enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems – will move to cloud and here we want to be on the forefront enabling our customers’ data-driven success. Only in the cloud can ecosystem data genuinely be brought together for business value. Enfo launched its Cloud Care concept at the AWS summit in May and is currently building up cloud operations offering the same level of support that Enfo has a proven track record of from data center operations,” says Enfo’s CEO Seppo Kuula.

“The market for cloud-based ERP solutions is maturing rapidly and SAP is globally the largest ERP player. Except for system knowledge around SAP, Zuite adds deep process and business knowledge. We also see great co-creation opportunities within the area of integrations and java competence for premium user experience and in leveraging our Swedish success to other Nordic regions,” says Carl Östholm, CEO of Zuite.