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Enfonians nominated as IBM champions

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Anders Wasen and Magnus Halvarsson nominated as IBM Champions for 2019 for their extraordinary expertise and contributions to the technical community,

The IBM Champions program recognizes individuals who make extraordinary contributions to IBM communities by advocating IBM solutions; sharing their knowledge and expertise; and helping nurture and grow independent communities. The Champions are developers, technologists, consultants, CXOs, managers, faculty, students, engineers, and architects who are nominated and selected annually based on thousands of contributions.

“IBM is looking for individuals at partner organizations who are able to have a strong impact and make a difference in their area of expertise. You need to be versatile: it’s not just about your deep technical skills, but your ability to reach out to customers and communicate for example by speaking at events,” says IBM’s Manager of Tech Sales and Services Lars Nordfeldt.

To become an IBM Champion, the person in question needs to be nominated by someone within the organization or directly by IBM and then pass the IBM Champion Committee. The criteria for the title are to possess a solid and broad knowledge of IBM's technology and products, and to create real business benefits within their organization.

“The Champions are trusted advisors who think independently and always put the client first. They can be relied on to find the best solution,” Nordfeldt says.

Enfo and IBM have a history of working closely together, and Nordfeldt describes the companies’ collaboration as “give and take”. “We both know we are able to trust each other and have an open dialogue – it’s a very easy relationship.”

For 2019, two Enfonians have been selected as IBM Champions:

Magnus Halvarsson, IBM Cloud 
Anders Wasen, IBM Cloud