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Enfo’s latest recruit: Key international player in digital change work

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Lena Eineving has a background in leading positions within a number of successful global IT businesses. Lena arrives to take up her new post as Vice President and COO for Business Transformation at Enfo in Gothenburg with a wealth of experience from Asia, Europe and North America.

“I thrive in situations where a wide range of skills come into their own. History has taught me that I can make the greatest contribution when I have the opportunity to help others to grow and become everything they can and want to be,” says Lena Eineving.

Lena Eineving has worked with Enfo for many years. First as a client, then as a partner in several projects and finally as a consultant – and know she completes the circle by joining us as an employee.

“Yes, it’s quite funny actually. I’ve always had the greatest respect for what Enfo does and I’ve enjoyed working with the company, both in terms of colleagues and services. Our collaborations have been characterized by good relationships all along the way. My greatest driving force is that I quite simply enjoy collaborating with other people. Sure, I work in IT but, first and foremost, it’s great to work with smart people and have fun together while we’re doing it,” says Lena.

Lena will work with leadership, corporate culture and deliveries and will be our Site Manager for Business Transformation in Gothenburg.

Lena has over 20 years’ of industry experience in Applications Development, Infrastructure Operations and End User Services. She joins us from HCL/Volvo Group IT. 

“I’ve been in this industry for a long time. I began my career in 1989 at Volvo as a mainframe developer, after which I moved on to a succession of consultancy firms. Among others I was with the aggressively marketed FramFab during the 1990s, with Jonas Birgersson at the helm. One can say that the foundations of my experience and knowledge in change work and transformation were laid during this period.”


“We are creatures of habit. It is very easy to fall back on old behaviors and patterns. For me, all change is about making a personal journey. To find out why the change is good for me and what it means. I believe it’s about the need to get to know oneself and how one negotiates change.”

“Above all, when faced with a major change, there are three things that matter; information, involvement and inspiration. To continuously inform the organization about where on the journey we are, to involve as many different opinions as possible and to listen. Of course, this doesn’t mean that everyone will get their way but it is important that everyone feels that they have been heard and understood. Another important element that we perhaps sometimes forget is inspiration. To inspire – to be seen and heard out in the organization rather than locked away as a management group. That is important!”