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Making Enfo one of the leading providers of cloud services in the nordics

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Peter Lämber has no reason to be ashamed of his CV. He was hired by Amazon Web Services early on, and served as their Head of Channel and Alliances in advance of their establishment in Sweden and the Nordic region. In early March, Peter stepped into his new role as Senior Vice President here at Enfo. His mission? To work with his new colleagues to make Enfo one of the leading players in the cloud market.

“We will be working to further develop Enfo’s existing cloud offerings, and ensure to cover the whole – from a delivery, support, marketing and sales perspective. This focus on cloud technology is perfectly in line with making Enfo one of the Nordics’ leading cloud service providers,” explains Peter Lämber. 

Over the next three years, the cloud computing market is projected to grow in leaps and bounds. So far, we have scarcely scratched the surface. 

“Last year, cloud IT spend in Sweden was just under 3%. By 2020, it is estimated that it will have jumped to around 30%. That means that focusing on cloud-based services is one of the most important strategic issues for today’s IT companies,” says Peter. 

Nowadays, companies want to be efficient and agile in their data handling. They no longer wish to tie themselves to exclusive service providers and commit themselves to contracts that limit their scalability and impair their ability to innovate. They would rather increase their pace of innovation – nonstop. These companies are also in great need of guidance. They want to know everything – from how they can start using cloud computing and how they can optimize the cost of its implementation, to how the shift to cloud-based services will affect their organization as a whole.  

“Right now, I need to focus my energies on acquiring a deep and profound understanding of the specific needs of Enfo's existing customers. I don't want our customers to perceive Enfo as a smorgasbord, but rather as a company with a wide range of expertise areas and where cloud computing offerings play an important role. Clarifying our cloud computing offerings is crucial to becoming a leading cloud services provider in the Nordics,” asserts Peter.

“The challenge is to tie together sales, marketing and delivery – to work very closely with our providers and build relationships so that everyone understands Enfo’s offerings and skills when it comes to the cloud. Their sellers need to know that they can turn to Enfo for help in assisting clients with their digital transformation.” 

“If Microsoft, IBM, Google and Amazon find it easier to understand which areas are our specialties, they will involve us in more commissions. At the same time, we will build up the confidence of our partners and begin to act as a virtual organization,” says Peter. 

“A huge transformation lies ahead of us - one that will affect all companies,” concludes Peter Lämber.