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Mentorship improves the IT skills of teachers in Kenya

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Enfo's Daniel Deimert together with IT teacher Moses Kisilu and colleagues outside their school in Lunga Lunga, Kenya.


Teachers in rural Kenya face major challenges. Teaching can be interrupted at any time due to power outages, and knowledge of tools such as Windows is often limited. Through Enfo’s collaboration with the Swedish NGO From One To Another, Daniel Deimert, a security expert at Enfo, is mentoring Moses Kisilu, an IT teacher in Lunga Lunga. 

From One To Another works to create conditions that allow individuals and communities in Kenya to lift themselves out of poverty. The strategy includes the establishment of women’s centers where girls and women receive support and education relating to health, language, and entrepreneurship. In this way, a mother can give her daughter the opportunity to study, thus creating a positive “spiral” that benefits both their family and their village. 

Through its collaboration with From One To Another, Enfo contributes IT and security expertise – including to a high school in Lunga Lunga – and also gains the opportunity to provide on-site help. In addition to sharing its expertise, Enfo also donates computers and cell phones to the region.

Daniel Deimert is a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) at Enfo, and provides year-round support to IT teacher Moses Kisilu. With Daniel as his mentor, Moses receives guidance about everything from how he can best utilize Microsoft’s tools in his teaching to how to create a more secure IT environment at the school. 

“In my case, a lot of it has to do with helping to improve IT skills related to teaching. For example, that might involve showing them how they can use software in the Office package in their work, or how to set up an admin account for the teachers so that students can’t access the school’s system – something which we often take for granted,” says Daniel Deimert, CISO at Enfo.

Moses Kisilu


On-site support is a “win-win”

When Daniel was on-site in Lunga Lunga, he had the opportunity to spend a week working closely with Moses. This was a welcome complement to their nearly daily contact via email and WhatsApp. 

“The IT support I receive is very valuable, both to me personally and as a teacher. Our goal is to get better at IT in general and to be able to start more of our own IT projects in the future. Right now we’re working hard to spread this initiative further, throughout the entire country,” says IT teacher Moses Kisilu in Lunga Lunga.

Moses says that they often face problems that demand creative solutions. For example, on one occasion a Windows update consumed all the school’s mobile data as soon as a computer was turned on in a classroom. Daniel helped Moses to find a solution: they strengthened the school’s 4G infrastructure and WiFi using a Raspberry Pi, which was implemented as a filter between the computer and the router. Then they created a simple diagram of how much data was being used and by which device. This allowed them to gain better control of the school’s mobile data usage.

“It doesn’t matter what expertise you possess. Here at Enfo we contribute with IT expertise, while other companies contribute knowledge relating to finance or commerce. And it pays off. You gain insight into another culture and how other people live. But you also improve your understanding of how to treat people – and above all how to show gratitude and consideration. Helping to ensure that everyone all over the world can receive a good education is also an important part of our sustainability work,” says Daniel Deimert.


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From One To Another
From One To Another’s vision is a world of educated citizens. By supporting the education of Kenyan girls, we contribute to the development of entire communities. Our working model is to offer scholarships to the girls and build sustainable women's centres around for the mothers together with partner organizations on site. From One To Another (FOTA) is a Swedish non-profit organization working advocacy and fundraising. FOTA operates in accordance with the Swedish Fundraising Control´s regulations and requirements.


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