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New visual identity

Our new website is live

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Enfo has today launched its new website, aligned with Enfo’s new visual identity. 
“In 2018, we built the Enfo shared story on data-driven business transformation for a more intelligent Nordics and set our values; trust, cooperation, expertise and continuous development. Now, we have a visuality and website supporting our storyline. The website is our primary external channel serving our stakeholders – we hope to provide engaging and relevant insights to our network,” says Pelagia Wolff, SVP, Marketing & Communications.

The renewed Enfo website includes, and and provides current and potential employees, customers and investors as well as other stakeholders insights on Enfo and the whole branch. Our aim has been a pleasant, yet powerful visitor experience. We have strived for clarity in all aspects including content, tech and design.
The new visual identity as well as web design has been created by Enfo’s own Design team.

“We have refreshed Enfo’s visuality with the aim to modernize and humanize our brand. Our color palette is chosen to reflect the Enfo values and who we are. The primary colors blue and green represent Enfo as a Nordic company that acts as a trusted partner. The duotone gradient stands for the transformation journey of Enfo and its customers,” says Creative Director Michael Sullivan.

Looking for new colleagues, a partner or perspective on where the branch is going? Navigate from Careers to Services and Insights, explore Enfo and meet us. We’d love to hear from you and start developing the new site today – please send your feedback, comments or questions to