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Phishing attack: Malicious emails were sent from Enfo email addresses

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Enfo faced a phishing attack against Microsoft O365 email on Friday, June 1 in the evening.

News item updated 3.6.2018

Malicious emails were sent from Enfo email addresses to Enfo’s customers and partners. There were some hundreds of outgoing messages, however many of the recipient addresses were not in use. The emails contained phishing messages in English and were later on blocked by most modern web browsers and security applications. Enfo informed concerned clients, partners as well as the Finnish national security response (CERT) organization about the attack on Friday and Saturday.

Enfo production environment was never in risk of being compromised.

For additional information, please contact:

Pete Nieminen, CIO, +358 50 463 6969 or

Pelagia Wolff, Communications Director, +358 50 366 0878