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Therese Dahl to convince more customers to choose Enfo

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With many top positions at IBM, Siemens Business Services and Tieto, Therese Dahl has over 20 years of experience from selling digital solutions. At the beginning of March, she assumed strategic account manager duties with us at Enfo.

“I’m a bit of a bird of a different feather when it comes to selling digital solutions,” says Therese Dahl. “Because business is conducted by people for people, I’m more interested in the customers and the customers’ customers than the actual technology. With my skilled colleagues at Enfo, we can create enormous competitive advantages and wow-experiences for our customers.” 

“What I need to do first is to listen and really understand how Enfo works now and wants to work in the future with our customers,” says Therese. “To survey customers’ challenges and our customer collaborative projects that I’ll be responsible for, and which services we cannot presently deliver to our customers but that we want to in the future. It’s always important to know what we do, but just as important to know what we’re not yet doing and what is going on in the market. This so that we can deliver more value.”

“As an IT supplier in this day and age, we really need to be on our toes since customers are outsourcing large parts or all of their business operations to us. We are well aware of the enormous responsibility this entails, of being entrusted with the responsibility of companies’ IT solutions. Always taking things seriously while at the same time having fun is what enables us to get the most from a collaborative relationship.” 

“We’re now looking at some incredibly exciting services with our collaborative partners so that our customers can focus on their core activities. We want to be stable in our day-to-day operations but also proactive in doing business. Serving as our customers’ business developers and advisors – being close to all customer operations.” 

“I’m exceedingly curious about people, group dynamics and above all, what motivates people. Here as well, the technology is an aid in implementing positive changes in organizations because you automatically get a start date when working with digital solutions. Once the date is set, there is no return. It’s full speed ahead. So you have to be precise,” says Therese.  
“Change can be bothersome, to say the least. To get everyone to sign off on a change decision, it’s important to give everyone a unique target. This is what attracts me to coaching – that the individual advances towards something that he or she wants. It’s important to remember that it makes an enormous difference in commitment if you are doing something you want to do rather than something someone else wants you to do. Although we sometimes need a little help with change for our own best interests.” 
“With the highly skill colleagues I see that we have here at Enfo, we have all the prerequisites for offering the market something above and beyond the norm,” says Therese.