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Press release

Enfo to change its business structure

Enfo Group is going to change its business structure. The purpose of the change is to strengthen the preconditions for implementing the new strategy and to improve customer focus in operations.

As a result of the change, the Group will be divided into five business areas: Strategic Accounts, which will focus on key customer accounts; Business Solutions, which will offer consulting services; Managed Services, which will produce IT outsourcing services; Financial Process Services, which will provide outsourcing services for financial administration; and Emerging Businesses, which will be responsible for the Group’s new business functions.

The business structure will also include the new Transformation Office function, which will be responsible for developing the Group’s operations and implementing the growth strategy.

At the same time, the responsibility areas of Enfo’s management team will be changed. The members of the new Group management team are:

  • Arto Herranen, CEO
  • Lars Aabol, EVP, Strategic Accounts and Country Manager of Enfo Sweden (previously EVP, Consulting Services)
  • Mats Eliasson, EVP, Business Solutions (previously SVP, Service and Asset Management
  • Christian Homén, CFO
  • Tero Kosunen, EVP, Financial Process Services (previously SVP, Business Development)
  • Adam Ritzén, SVP, Marketing
  • Tero Saksman, EVP, Managed Services (previously EVP, Financial Process Services)
  • Samuli Savo, EVP, Emerging Businesses and Transformation Office (previously EVP, IT Outsourcing Services)
  • Malin Ung, SVP, HR (previously HR Manager, Enfo Sweden)

The new business structure and the new responsibility areas of the management team will be effective from 1 January 2016.

For additional information, please contact:

Arto Herranen, CEO, Enfo, tel. +358 44 719 3000 Email format:

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