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Changes in the energy market pose a challenge for energy companies' customer information systems – Enfo and Enoro join forces to provide a solution

The energy sector will undergo a radical change in 2019, following the introduction of a new, open data hub that will provide energy-sector players with fast access to high quality data on electricity customers, enabling them to make more efficient use of such data for a range of purposes. Enfo and Enoro have joined forces to create a unique offering for energy companies in Finland.

The change in 2019 will make customer data freely available to all players in the energy sector.  Data will no longer be customer-specific; instead, the customer data of all companies will be pooled into a shared data hub.

“Energy companies are busy figuring out how their existing customer information systems will fit into the new, post-2019 environment, and how efficiently data can be processed and utilised for business needs,” explains Timo Aaltonen, Senior Vice President at Enoro.

The more efficiently a company can utilise data, the better equipped it is to segment its customer base and offer products and services that match its current needs, delivering added value to the customer.

“The customer experience will become increasingly important in the energy sector; it can either encourage loyalty, or prompt customers to change suppliers if a competitor offers a better service,” says Tero Kosunen, EVP, Financial Process Services, Enfo.


Digital solutions drive sales and customer retention

Demand for customer management and customer experience-based information systems is at an all-time high. Large data volumes need to be filtered for what is essential and then processed into high-quality information that serves businesses.

“Replacing a customer information system is expensive, but it is an investment that pays for itself in the long term by enabling a company to make use of valuable data,” Aaltonen explains.

“Enfo and Enoro are combining their solutions into a new service that includes process operation and change implementation, in addition to the application and infrastructure. This new delivery concept dramatically lowers costs compared to traditional purchase models,” Kosunen notes.

For additional information, please contact:
Tero Kosunen, EVP, Financial Process Services, Enfo,, tel. +358 50 444 1200

Timo Aaltonen, Senior Vice President, Enoro Oy,, tel. +358 40 533 6200