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Press release

Oriola-KD selected Enfo to modernise IT-inftrastructure

Oriola-KD has chosen Enfo to be one of its providers of IT Services. The four-year contract consists of workstation, network, local support and data center services.

 “We want to modernise our IT infrastructure services, and do things in smarter and more cost-effective manner. Enfo has a strong presence in our operating area and I believe that it will succeed in taking over our current services and systems,” says Heikki Lahdensuo, CIO at Oriola-KD.

The agreement covers IT infrastructure services in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries.

“Enfo's objective is to grow into a significant solution supplier of the digital age in the Nordic countries. I am happy that Oriola-KD has boldly decided to develop its IT infrastructure services and look for new way of doing things.  Enfo's ability to make quick decisions and our operating model, covering all Nordic countries, support Oriola-KD on its way towards the service business of a new era,” says Tero Saksman, EVP, Managed Services, from Enfo. 

For additional information, please contact:

Tero Saksman, EVP, Managed Services, Enfo, tel. +358 44 719 3504,

Heikki Lahdensuo, CIO, Oriola-KD, tel. +358 50 429 5474,