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Press release

Enfo sells its information logistics services to trust kapital

Enfo Oyj is focusing on its growing digital and IT services business and will sell its subsidiary, Enfo Zender, an information logistics services provider, to Trust Kapital, a company specialising in invoicing and payment control services which is based in Kuopio, Finland. Enfo’s principal shareholder, KPY, is also making a major investment in Trust Kapital.

Going forward, Enfo Oyj will follow its strategy and focus more strongly on IT and financial process services that support digitalisation. In keeping with this decision, Enfo is now selling the production operations and related customer base of Enfo Zender’s Information Logistics Services to Trust Kapital. Enfo’s principal shareholder, KPY, is also making a major investment in Trust Kapital. 

To strengthen the service offering of its core business, Enfo acquired the Swedish e-man AB, an integration services provider, in November 2016. Demand for digital services is increasing among customers in all Nordic countries. In today’s business environment, companies must be able to tap into the opportunities provided by digitalisation, both in their own business and in the consumer and business markets. 

“Enfo is striving for strong growth. In addition, we invest in services in which we already have a strong position in the Nordic markets, and which show growing demand. Enfo’s information logistics service provision has been limited to Finnish customers. Selling this business to Trust Kapital is a natural part of the Nordic growth strategy of Enfo as a digital business specialist. Our management can now focus on growing our strategic key operations, such as the financial process business, which is not included in the divestment,” explains Enfo’s CEO Arto Herranen

“Trust and Enfo have a long history of close co-operation, and customer experiences of the invoice lifecycle services have been excellent. Following this acquisition, we will be able to offer our customers an even more modern invoice automation solution, which seamlessly integrates invoicing with ledger management, payment control and financing. This amalgamation of business operations is expected to be very smooth, not least because of our shared values – both Trust and Enfo invest heavily in high quality and an unsurpassed customer experience,” says Artti Aurasmaa, CEO of Trust Kapital. 

The sale of Enfo Zender will be finalised at the end of January 2017. Before this transaction, Enfo will transfer all other operations of the Financial Process and Information Logistics Services to its new subsidiary Enfo Partner Oy.  

The parties have agreed that the sale price will not be disclosed. Approval by the authorities is required for the finalisation of this transaction. 

More information: 

Arto Herranen, CEO, Enfo Oyj, tel. +358 44 719 3000, 

Artti Aurasmaa, CEO, Trust Kapital Group TKG Oy, tel. +358 45 186 1775,