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Press release

Enfo's CIO Pete Nieminen appointed to a new role

From 1 May 2017, Pete Nieminen will head up the Nordic development of the Enfo's IT Transformation business area leading its Worklife business. Through this appointment, Pete Nieminen will become a member of the Management Team of IT Transformation and report to Tero Saksman, EVP of IT Transformation..

Enfo’s Worklife business combines expertise in digital worklife with innovating how to meet the challenges of new generations. Employees in the business area specialize in new tool environments, consumerization and AI solutions. IT Transformation provides companies with IT services, enabling them to focus more effectively on their core business and achieve better financial results. In this task, Nieminen will have responsibility for the Nordic region.

“The average career of members of generation X includes 12 jobs, according to Forrester’s research – a figure which will double for forthcoming generations. Many representatives of generations Y and Z are already in the workplace and their number is growing rapidly. Companies must meet the requirements of this generation if they want to compete for the best employees and ensure their productivity. Enfo wants to help companies attract and retain top experts and therefore stay competitive,” Nieminen sums up.

In the future, working life will be built around the expertise and capabilities of each individual. This will require personalized and smart tools, as well as comprehensive services that support them. Smart tools emphasize the special skills of the individual; the work of the future will involve strong networking. Personalization will be achieved through robotics and AI. 

“The services of the future will be resource-based and fit the immediate needs of organizations and individual capabilities. References are being made to service-driven and result-based service production.

Enfo’s Worklife stands out from competitors’ solutions thanks to a holistic approach to boosting efficiency, differentiation and innovation. Flexibility within business activities, individual requirements and a changing business environment has formed the basis of the solution’s design.

“Enfo has been bold enough to do things differently and is uniquely placed to provide a full range of expertise-boosting services from under the same roof. Broad and comprehensive expertise in the IT sector, Finnish ownership and Enfo’s size – which is ideal for serving the Nordic markets, guarantee high-quality services and an agile approach,” Nieminen comments.

More information:
Pete Nieminen, SVP, Nordic Excellence and Worklife, IT Transformation, Enfo, tel. +358 50 463 6969,
Tero Saksman, EVP, IT Transformation, Enfo, tel. 44 719 3504,