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Press release

Lina Tjerneld new member in Enfo’s executive team

Lina Tjerneld has been appointed Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communications, and member of Enfo’s Executive Team. Tjerneld heads Enfo’s Marketing and communications operations.

“Marketing and communications are central for Enfo’s success going forward. External and especially internal communications are essential for good leadership and management. Lina is passionate about aligning sales and marketing and has done a great work in automating marketing at Enfo. She possesses deep marketing and sales knowledge regarding solutions in B2B. I am convinced that she will bring insight and dedication to our management team. I am also happy to see more diversity within the management team,” says Seppo Kuula, CEO of Enfo.

The Marketing and communications unit is responsible for generating leads, building brand and story.

Lina Tjerneld has led sales and marketing within Enfo and before that in Enfo Pointer since 2012.

“Marketing and communications today are about building relations, providing relevant and value-based contents and driving a consistent story,” says Lina Tjerneld.


For additional information, please contact:

Seppo Kuula, CEO, Enfo Oyj, +358 40 370 0032

Lina Tjerneld, EVP, Marketing and Communications, Enfo Oyj, +46 73 625 3040