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Take your business applications to the next level

You want to build and develop your business. We can help you to grow by solving your problems. Welcome to Applications at Enfo.

Data is the new oil, they say – valuable, but only when it is cultivated to power your business. At Enfo, we specialize in making your data profitable by bringing it together. Today, almost any business is likely to possess large amounts of data on its operations, but too much data can make it difficult to see the forest for the trees. If your data is scattered in different environments, our experts will help you make sense of your application options. Thanks to our roots in IT, we have a thorough understanding of what a CIO requires from a trusted partner.

Here to solve, build and maintain

We know that what matters to you the most is having your problem solved, not what technology is used to crack it. You need a quality solution that works – fast, and from someone who will take full responsibility of running it. We have long-standing evidence of building, maintaining and supporting solutions that have been tailored to your needs, and work with 300 customers in the Nordics to revolutionize their business. To give an example, at PostNord we connect legacy on-prem systems with flexible mobile applications to solve customer demand – and thanks to a DevOps approach, with fast time to market. When we collaborate, you will benefit from our entire offering and some of the best experts in the world, including our partners in India and the Philippines.

Applications and cloud go hand in hand

The cloud will be a game changer when it comes to applications: expect to have 80% of your data stored there in five to eight years’ time. By building your applications in the cloud, you will take your spending into your own hands while increasing discoverability. We speak fluent cloud and are in an excellent position to build scalable and secure solutions for you in the cloud environment. Our team of 100 experts work with some of the biggest industry giants, including Microsoft, IBM, Mulesoft, Google, AWS and SAP, but are also able to take on more niche technologies.