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Today, as many as five generations populate the workplace. Some of the users are digital natives, some unacquainted with technology, devices and software. How to provide a workplace service that makes all users happy?

No two workplaces are alike, each business and each user have their own workplace with unique needs. For example, a hospital administrator sitting in an office has very different IT needs than someone from medical treatment staff. This variety of needs requires fresh new thinking – one standard service or technical support model will not work for everyone. At Enfo, we are driving the change towards a truly user-centric workplace.

Measure user experience, not service details

The modern workplace redefines what we mean by quality of services. Traditional technical metrics such as user support response times are in fact not measuring the most important thing: the end-user experience. Identifying and solving problems for the end-users before they even pick up on them – that is the new standard for us. Our workplace services are about enabling smooth and productive work for our customers. We design workplace services specifically for you, the user; you are our focal point.

More flexibility, more risks

Going for user-centricity means more non-standard solutions. Still, the more non-standard the environment, the bigger the security risks. Users’ own devices, easy access from anywhere and at any time, exposes your company to security breaches. O365 phishing is a good example – the security threats are increasingly close to the end-users and thanks to a broad user base, the are bigger than ever.

Workplace for success

By combining all four perspectives – end-user, devices, security, collaboration, applications – we have been able to cater to the needs of the modern workplace. When devices and processes run smoothly, efficiency and productivity go up. As you can tailor your own workplace with for example your preferred devices, you are not only more productive but also happier.

People are moving from a traditional office model to the world of modern work. In the new normal, work is no longer tied to time, place or device. Physical distances and organizational boundaries are crossed in real-time. We offer a comprehensive workplace service, a one-stop-shop for all your technical workplace needs.

Provide the freedom to choose device and working location. Enable productive collaboration both internally and externally. Work securely, yet efficiently. Sounds good? We are here to help you to build an environment on your company’s and end-users’ terms – a workplace for success.